Good To Grow by Lynne Schwartz-Barker and Brit Blevins

Paperwhites, Pot Shards, and Glittery Kale

Paperwhite narcissus, those sweet scented indoor bulbs, are grown in pebbles and water on many windowsills and tables at this time of year. These beautiful plants tend to grow too tall and flop over. Last year I read that adding … Continue reading

Tips To Heal A Storm Damaged Garden

A major storm tore through the Charleston area recently, that prompted a long e-mail from Charlie Nichols. Nichols writes that he and his wife “have been addicted to gardening (organic vegetable and flower, plus minor fruits) since our marriage 34 … Continue reading

Deer Resistant Plants, Hydrangeas and Baptisia

White and Yellow Light Up the Shade I’ve always been in favor of using white flowers in shade gardens, where they light up the darkness in summer. A lecture I attended last winter by garden writer Cole Burrell got me … Continue reading

Is It A Weed or A Plant?

Two basic gardening questions arrived via e-mail this week concerning how to manage a new garden and how to deal with plant failure. When you move to a new garden, the general rule of thumb is to observe it for … Continue reading

American Wisteria and Growing Fruit Trees

I think wisteria is one of the more problematic plants in our gardens. Even if your neighbor has one in full bloom, yours may have no blooms at all. Who can say that about forsythia? If your wisteria plant was … Continue reading

Potato Growing Tips

With St. Patrick’s Day only a week away, many of you will be getting ready to plant your seed potatoes. In West Virginia, that’s the traditional planting date. It’s been many years since I’ve grown potatoes. I used to grow … Continue reading

Seed Starting Tips

Gardenscape Seed Starting Tips When my friend Kim told me she was sorting her seed packets to determine which she needed to start indoors, it brought back memories for me. Years ago, I had a very large and productive garden, … Continue reading

Tree and Rose Planting Tips

While catching up reading last year’s unopened magazines, I came across a fascinating article in an old issue of House & Garden. The article was about a nursery in California, Berylwood Tree Farm, that sells enormous trees, as big as … Continue reading

Snowdrops, Witch Hazel, Hellebores and Late Winter Edibles

I’ve had snowdrops in bloom in one garden for a few weeks now. They’ve been in the ground for a good five years. In a garden just around the corner from this one, snowdrops are just starting to stick their … Continue reading

Why Doesn’t My Clematis Vine Bloom?

A question about clematis vines came via e-mail the other day from Pam Ferrell in St. Albans.  She has a vigorous clematis vine in a sheltered spot on the east side of her house that is eight to ten years … Continue reading