Good To Grow by Lynne Schwartz-Barker and Brit Blevins

Flower Pots and Annuals

I got a packet of seeds in the mail the other day, Parisian Pink French Larkspur from Renee’s Garden. It reminded me that a February thaw is a good time to sow early spring annuals seeds. For years I’ve had … Continue reading

Garden Resolutions

In early January, it’s appropriate for avid gardeners to make gardening resolutions. I’ve been searching my memory and looking out the window at garden mistakes to come up with mine. Perhaps some of you can learn from my mistakes. Hopefully, … Continue reading

Spring Whites

Driving around the state the last few weeks, I’ve been struck by the beauty of Doublefile viburnums.  These large, white flowering shrubs, look very much like dogwoods in bloom, with horizontal branches loaded with flowers. I think they are even fuller … Continue reading

Gardenscape Christmas Gifts

Are you stumped for gift ideas for gardening friends and family?   Here are a few suggestions, ranging from inexpensive to pricey. Gardening magazines: Local bookstores have interesting selections of gardening magazines.  Horticulture and  Fine Gardening are a few of … Continue reading

Hosting Prince Charles and Other Garden Stories

I had the privilege of hearing landscape architect Chip Calloway speak a few years ago.  He has a thriving practice in Greensboro, North Carolina and his gardens have been featured in a number of magazines, including Southern Living.   Calloway … Continue reading

The Late August Garden

Surprisingly, there’s a lot of work to do in the garden now. There are also a lot of jobs that we want to do that we shouldn’t be doing. Here’s the rundown of do’s and don’t’s. Even though we don’t … Continue reading

Plant and Gnome Nursery

You have to like a man who starts a mail order nursery called Plant & Gnome and who assigns himself the title Chief Executive Gnome.  It’s just part of Chris Higgins’ dry, British sense of humor, which he’s transported, intact, … Continue reading

Roses and Tree Peonies

March has certainly blown in like a lion.  The snow is flying as I write this and it seems as though spring will never come.  There are only a few robins about when we usually have flocks of them.  And … Continue reading

Learning From Our Mistakes

On a winter’s day, many gardeners are making plans for the spring season. I’ve been searching my memory and looking out the window at garden mistakes from seasons past that I don’t want to repeat. Perhaps some of you can … Continue reading

Managing Vistas

I drove out to White Sulphur Springs last weekend on a gorgeous, warm, sunny day. I make this trip frequently, so I have my favorite vistas picked out and slow down to enjoy them. I love the change in seasons … Continue reading