Good To Grow by Lynne Schwartz-Barker and Brit Blevins

So You Want to Design a Garden…

So you wanna design a garden. Go you! I know from experience how hard it is to muster up motivation for something outside of our daily obligations, especially when it’s new and a little overwhelming. So give yourself a pat … Continue reading

A Case for Mistakes

Nature can be messy. It’s complicated, temperamental and so interconnected it can be hard to tell what’s affecting what. We go to such lengths to figure out what plant will do well where and work out how much water each … Continue reading

Dazzled by Dahlias

My friend and gardening client, Gayle Preiser, was a flamboyant woman who loved  drama in clothes, in home decor, and in her garden. She enjoyed cooking, and arranging flowers for her table when she gave a dinner party. We’d planted … Continue reading

Seeing Landscape As a Work of Art

Hello everyone! Brit Blevins here. I’m originally from Colorado, but I’ve lived in West Virginia for most of my adult life and love it. You all weren’t kidding when you called it wild and wonderful. I’ve found no shortage of … Continue reading

Milk, Pruning Roses, Plants and Antiques

Using milk as a deer deterrent has gotten a lot of attention. My husband, Jerry, bought a sacrificial pot of pansies and put it in an area that the deer commonly use, about two weeks ago. He gave it the … Continue reading

The Rabbit Debacle

The Rabbit Debacle started with a packet of free Swiss chard seeds given to me by the Morgan County Master Gardeners at the Berkeley Springs Apple Butter Festival. The seeds, ridged and brown, had been properly cured. I imagined the … Continue reading

Relocating Perennials and Cutting Back Shrubs

Many perennials are already up in our gardens and more are emerging every day. It may be hard, at this point, to visualize what those tiny little sprigs will look like when they have grown into tall plants. But if … Continue reading

Daffodils, Tent Caterpillars, and Phlox

If your daffodil blooms didn’t freeze over the weekend and you’re ready to start picking them for a vase, here’s some advice from Brent Heath, co-owner of Brent & Becky’s Bulbs: Snap, don’t cut. Daffodils and tulips shouldn’t be cut … Continue reading

Using Milk to Deter Deer and Saving Amaryllis Bulbs

I had a very interesting e-mail from George Longenecker, the retired Executive Director of the West Virginia Botanic Garden in Morgantown. He has a surefire deer deterrent that I’d never heard of: milk. Dairy farmers rejoice! Here’s what George e-mailed … Continue reading

Growing Succulent Melons

Have you ever grown melons in your garden? It’s been many years since I have. The melons I grew were sweeter than any I’d ever bought but the yield was very small. I just didn’t have enough information to grow … Continue reading